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Not In My Name: the way of integration

الإثنين, ديسمبر 14th, 2015

Not In My Name is a virtual campaign, created and administrated by two Italian sisters Sara and Marwa Ghonim, that wants to provide a true image of Islam all over the world. They are working on social media, particularly on a facebook page that counts more than 16500 likes and followed by people from many different countries, among the others, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Egypt and the USA

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Their program is based on an intellectual fight against the misunderstanding of Islam, and their message is the one of love and peace, they believe that all religions, all races, all people could live all together without any kind of discrimination and war between each other; Sara said: “if we try to understand the real meaning of life and religion, surely, we will stop the war and hatred between people”, and she published a picture of American Muslims who united for San Bernardino victims and raised more than $112,000 in just five days


At the question “what is your main achievement?”, they answered that they want to spread their message all over the world, they have a big faith in this campaign which obtained a great success in a short time; with their posts they have focused mainly on the evidence that what ISIS is doing has nothing to do with Islam and it is in contrast with the message of peace, advocated by this religion
They used cartoons in order to be clearer


And the dissemination of other posts on their Facebook Page images reflect the aspect of coexistence between the Islamic religion and other religions , such as Christianity. “Nothing is easier than peaceful coexistance between humans”, said Marwa, “because the laws of life are the same for every human being, we just need to overcome intolerance and racism, and change our mind trying to accept every point of view, even if it is different from ours!”. In order to demonstrate that, they published a picture of Pope Francis praying in a Mosque with muslims: “religion is nothing but love and respect to every human being, everyone should accept the others and try to live all together in peace because there is no difference between humans and no difference between religions! We are all part of mankind, surely love will prevail!”l

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Many people all over the world enjoyed their campaign and many of them send their picture with the hashtag #NotInMyName, for example the guys of Anne Frank school in Germany


Love, peace, coexistence and tolerance, these are their words and their weapons against war and terrorism


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