“The dramatic treatment for the “Oedipus’s tragedy” in the works of Egyptian writers” « جريدة الجمهورية والعالم

“The dramatic treatment for the “Oedipus’s tragedy” in the works of Egyptian writers”

الأربعاء, أكتوبر 28th, 2015

Noha Mostafa Mahrous Ibrahim

Noha Mostafa Mahrous Ibrahim

Newsofworld – A Thesis Submitted to obtain ph D in Specific Education- Educational Media (Educational Theatre)

Prepared by Noha Mostafa Mahrous Ibrahim: Assistant lecturer, Educational Media Department, Faculty of Specific Education, Al- Menufia University.

Summary of the study
: This study deals with the dramatic treatment of Oedipus’ tragedy in the Egyptian theatre with that of Sophocles. The researcher delivered the method of the Egyptian writers (sample of study) who revealed the myth of Oedipus and its interpretation to the most famous myth. Thus she started her study with “OEDIPUS REX” Oedipus the king followed by the Egyptian copies of the play.

The problem of the study: The differences and agreements of the Egyptian writers  creation with that of Sophocles.

The importance of the study: This importance refers to multi dramatic treatments for the myth all-over the world according to the meaning to the reasons and motives.

The aims of the study: -It aimed to Introduce that types of the dramatic writers in dealing with Oedipus. How far these modern plays different of that of Sophocles.

The method of the study: It is a descriptive study in analyzing the concept. The researcher used also the comparative study in giving a cultural, social, philosophical comparison for these texts.

Samples of the study: -“Oedipus the king” : Sophocles. -“king Oedipus” : Tawfique El-Hakeem-“The Tragedy of Oedipus: . Aly Ahmad Bakatheer.  : -“You who killed the Monster” : Aly Salem-“The Return of the Absent” : Fawzy Fahmy. -“Oedipus and the sacred giving” :Essam Abdul-Aziz.

Noha Mostafa Mahrous

Results of the study:

-The effect of Oedipus King in the dramatic Egyptian writers was as follows: Al-Hakeem was very close to the Islamic view of Bakatheer with one exception whish is that disregarding to the fables. Concerning Aly Salem, he Egyptianlyise and modernise the text. Meanwhile Abdul- Aziz did not believe of fables and metaphysics, but in logic and science and the strong free human will.

-The roll of myth in the history and culture of the human being, it was the earliest tool to understand the concept of the world. Thus, strong relation constructed between myth, arts, and literature.

-The models of the Egyptian writers were not as perfect as of Sophocles either in concept or in form. They could never get the glory of the idea of fate.

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