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Video: The mountain and the encounter between religions

الإثنين, أكتوبر 26th, 2015

a muslim praying in the mountain

a muslim praying in the mountain

Marwa Ghonim – Walking in the mountain, you can see many interesting things, among the others, the fact that the mountain does not make any difference between people coming from different places or people with different religions: it embraces indiscriminately every human  being

: Here is an example of the impartiality of nature

هندى يصلى
There was a man who was praying sorrounded by meters and meters of nature, and another one, a friend of him, who was waiting for him to finish praying so they can continue their   journey. It was an interesting scene that arouses curiosity, and also some questions, and

.allowed us to do a short interview

We asked the first man about his religion, ha said he was a muslim from Pakistan, and the other one was a sikh from India; two friends deeply different according to every point of view , but very close to each other. Then, we asked them about their relation, and they told us these wonderful words: “there is no difference between humans, religion does not divide people, we must be in peace with everybody because God is one! We are all humans!”. So why
are we racists yet? Why don’t we try to accept every difference? Why don’t we learn from nature? Let’s think

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